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I’m a southern girl, at heart, that enjoys good food and believes in living life to the fullest! I’ve always enjoyed cooking and seeing people enjoy their dishes.


The Early Years

At an early age, I always enjoyed watching and helping my family members cook.  I’m a proud native of Darlington, SC and both of my parents spent time in the kitchen.  My dad would be in the kitchen or outside on a grill and my mom was known for her 5-flavor cake.  She taught me all about the benefits of sifting flour, measuring liquids in the measuring cup at eye level, getting your butter to room temperature before baking and much more.  All of those baking tips came in handy when my mom shared a baking contest opportunity with me that was occurring at our local fair, the Eastern Carolina Fair.  Everything had to be pumpkin related and there were numerous categories.  I decided upon pumpkins muffins.  After trying various recipes, I found one that I liked…baked it up…entered the contest and won second place in the muffin category.  The prize amount was $15 and I was rolling in the dough! Every year thereafter, I entered the contest until I was competing in every category.  I made pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin bars.

My First Business

In middle school, I started my first business by selling homemade brownies and rice krispy treats from my locker for $0.50 each and would SELL OUT everyday to students and teachers. In high school, I started making cheesecakes and would give them to friends and family for their birthdays. In college, once I got my apartment, I would occasionally cook meals for my friends during our study groups at the apartment.


I had a desire for some rum cake, but didn’t know where to get one…so I made one.

Joyfully Bundt Cakes begins...

Several years ago, I had a desire for some rum cake, but didn’t know where to get one…so I made one.  After I tweaked a few things, I was thoroughly pleased! I would then make it for friends and family as gifts or acts of kindness until numerous people started saying that I want to pay you to make one for me. In January 2024, I was presented with the opportunity to bake the desserts for my sorority’s Founders Day event.  The three cake flavors that I brought in received raved reviews and the demand propelled Joyfully Bundt Cakes to be started in March 2024.  



  • I love GOD!

  • I love MY FAMILY, especially my husband and three kids!

  • I’m a MACARONI AND CHEESE connoisseur.

  • I love all types of DANCE…participating and observing.

  • I love fresh fruit SMOOTHIES.

  • I could eat at CAVA every week. (I kinda do that now, but who’s counting)

  • I’ve recently gotten into SMOKING and I’m loving it! (Smoking on my smoker that is…what else did you think I was talking about?) 

  • I’m a super proud graduate of North Carolina A&T State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. AGGIE PRIDE!!!

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